I had the idea that we could include Astrophysics in the name of this SE because it better reflects the nature of questions we receive. As well as being about observations of the sky (Astronomy) we also get asked many questions about the physical interactions of stars, galaxies, black holes etc (Astrophysics). I have nothing wrong with the title of the SE as it is but I thought adding Astrophysics not only sounds better but also is a better representation of this SE. Your thoughts and comments are most welcome and I encourage discussion.

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    $\begingroup$ Astrophysics is a branch of astronomy. It would be redundant to include it in the title. $\endgroup$ Commented May 18, 2016 at 14:19
  • $\begingroup$ I have no problems with the name as it is but I just thought it might help clarify what we talk about. Maybe there would be copyright issues with aanda.org if we changed it tho :P $\endgroup$
    – Dean
    Commented May 18, 2016 at 14:33

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I would agree with this. Reasons above are good, and also if people are searching for information on astrophysics we want this site to be somewhere they visit even if they don't link the terms "astrophysics" and "astronomy" in their search.


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