I was recently searching for a question to answer, and I came across this one question with a score of -2, and I noticed this was that particular person's only question, and he had a some sort of reputation bonus of 100. At first I thought he might've won a bounty. Although, he also had not answered any questions, either. Then I was sorta confused, so I decided to check his reputation changes, and I found this:

Yesterday: +100; today: +1

So apparently he/she won some sort of "association bonus".


What is an association bonus?


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From the FAQ on Meta Stack Exchange: What is the association bonus?

The Association Bonus is a block award of 100 reputation granted on all of a user's network profiles, including ones created after the bonus is awarded. It is awarded when a user's account has accumulated 200+ reputation on any one site in the network, provided they have at least two network accounts. This bonus gives users who have shown some basic understanding of how the Stack Exchange system works a boost past the initial site restrictions on sites where they have low reputation.

It can be 100% sure that the user has just passed the 200 reputation milestone on another site, which grants them an extra 100 reputation on all sites. It's a very common phenomenon.

It's also the same reason why I have 101 rep here instead of 1 - even though I have zero post on the main site (Astronomy) - because I have more than 200 elsewhere.


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