We've had a question about a homework tag before and the consensus was to not have one. However I'm a little bothered that we're getting questions that have absolutely no effort to answer from common sources (not just this site but e.g. Wikipedia or a simple web search). Some questions also do sound like straight "do my homework for me" requests (although not indicated as such).

So I'm asking for opinions on whether we should make an absence of effort to do prior research to try and answer a question a reason to close.

For example I'd suggest that "I checked Wikipedia but I don't quite get why X implies Y, please explain." would be fine (minimal effort and needs help understanding a concept) but "Name three X type objects" would not (no effort and a trivial web search gets the answer).

One objection (playing devil's advocate) is that we may discourage people genuinely trying to learn. In some ways this question is also asking to what extent we view Astronomy SE as a teaching site, I suppose. I confess I'm ambivalent about this.

Opinions ? Alternative ideas ?

Note : not suggesting adding a homework tag, just looking for a community consensus on certain types of questions.

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In my opinion, no research effort does not necessarily mean that the underlying question is bad, just the post--which to me means downvote, not close (unless you want to close as unclear).

However, I think what you're ultimately getting at is something like the History SE custom close reason:

This question is too basic; it can be definitively answered by a single link to the relevant topic on Wikipedia or another standard reference source. If you are instead questioning the correctness of a reference source, please edit the post to supply a link and explain what you find unclear, or why you believe it to be wrong or incomplete.

I do think there could be some value to having this type of close reason here.

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