The question If two black hole event horizons overlap (touch) can they ever separate again? is well received with +32 upvotes currently and has two well received answers with +32 and +24 votes as well.

There are now two votes to close as duplicate of highspeed black holes or neutron stars on (almost) head-on collision course and kinetic energy where votes on the question and its two answers added together are +3. +5 and +2 respectively.

The new "event horizons overlap" question and its answers have all generated substantial, on-topic high-level discourse in comments as well.

I wonder if the first vtc as duplicate simply found something that sounded related and was older without attention to the relative quality. Based on votes alone, if one felt to dupe anything one might chose to vtc in the opposite direction.

The topic is sophisticated and I can't judge the degree of overlap to make any call about the necessity of closing either question as duplicate of the other, but I think the current vote is unproductive and will steer attention away from some very well received posts.


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The questions and answers are extremely correlated to the degree I would feel uncomfortable unilaterally reversing a close action, but I agree both discussions seem helpful. Just keep tabs on it, and it if gets closed cast a reopen vote. Duplicates don't go away anyway.


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