Do we want it to be equal to the definition at Wikipedia, i.e. ending with ?

Currently we have questions like these:

  1. Will James Webb see Population III stars?
  2. Characteristics of the first planets in the Universe?

Which cover a period much later than CMB.

The wiki excerpt currently says

Questions regarding the universe shortly after it's formation

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This UC Berkeley page seems to peg the CMB as the end of the early universe period. We should give a little bit for some of our astrophysics professionals around here to weigh in, but otherwise I think that's what we should go with.


Several sites (The First Stars and Galaxies, for example) place the formation of the first stars as happening in the early universe period. This happened well after the CMB. NASA pegs the early universe as ending even later with the formation of the first galaxies. This is in line with the two questions raised in this meta question.

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