The questions

(and there are likely other examples) that ask about a process that spins up even large 100 km asteroids near the Sun and destroys them. They are about the evolution of objects in the solar system.

They are tagged with , and because we don't have tags like "solar-system-evolution" or "asteroid-formation" or "asteroid-evolution".

Should we?


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With +4/-0 votes on my question and no comments or answers to the contrary, I've gone ahead and created the tag. I've added 14 questions so far, and about once a week I'll add another group as I did here though I won't make a blow-by-blow list this time because this one seems more straightforward.

This will join the other evolutionary question tags:

I've added the following usage guidance:

Questions about the long term evolution of solar systems. For other questions about solar systems use the solar-system tag, for questions about star, galaxy or planet evolution use the stellar-evolution, galactic-evolution and planetary-formation tags.

I'm not yet sure what should be done about:


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