Can and be regareded as synonyms?

Right now (February 16th, 2021), there are only 2 records tagged as , and only 4 with tag . This is not many, I agree, but browsing some questions made me believe, that at least the tag might be useful (and I would volunteer to add that tag to more questions).

I also like the word "nomenclature" and I would like to keep it as a tag, but that's just my subjective view, so that's why I am asking.


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These tags are complementary. I didn't realize their usage was so low! is for questions seeking for the correct terminology for a concept or for questions regarding the origin or usage of terminology. is for questions seeking the meaning of a term or principle.

In the case of a question seeking the meaning of a term, you could argue and could both be applied, because the origin and usage of the term and its definition are relevant.

A question like "When did 'dwarf planet' first come into use?" on the other hand would be but not .

A question like "What is the definition of Newton's law of gravitation?" might use but not , since it's not really interested in terminology but in the definition of a principle.


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