Is the (newly suggested tag) a synonym of or ? I am asking since I have not yet observed that term being used by astrophysicists, but that's just my subsample.

PS: When searching for void I see 149 results (as of April 30th, 2021), but the picture is not conclusive here.

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    $\begingroup$ en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Void_(astronomy) $\endgroup$
    – called2voyage Mod
    Mar 30 at 13:34
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    $\begingroup$ @called2voyage I understand your comment as a no, which implies that I should carefully go through the 149 results and consider adding the appropriate new tag voids. $\endgroup$
    – B--rian
    Mar 30 at 13:42
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    $\begingroup$ Yeah, sorry for the brief comment. I was trying to respond to something at work so just dropped the link quck. $\endgroup$
    – called2voyage Mod
    Mar 30 at 13:42

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