We did it! We had the first election (well, kind of) and we have a new moderator! I figured what the candidate score is

The Candidate Score can range from 0 to 40, and is calculated as follows:

  • 1 point for each 1000 reputation up to 20,000 reputation for a maximum of 20 points.
  • 1 point each for Moderation badges - Civic Duty, Cleanup, Deputy, Electorate, Marshal, Reviewer, Sportsmanship, Steward - for a maximum of 8 points.
  • 1 point each for Editing badges - Copy Editor, Explainer, Organizer, Refiner, Strunk and White, Tag Editor - for a maximum of 6 points.
  • 1 point each for Participation badges - Constituent, Convention, Enthusiast, Investor, Quorum, Yearling - for a maximum of 6 points.

For badges that can be awarded multiple times only 1 point is granted for each badge type, thus ensuring a maximum score of 40 points.

My question: How can I obtain automatically the candidate score for a given user, without counting manually for a given user?


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