I tried using \ce{} earlier in an answer but it didn't work!

Although this meta post shows that Astronomy has MathJax extensions, why doesn't it work?

After some discussion on meta, I think maybe we can add the mhchem extension? Not sure. Yes it does slow down page loading, but some equations require me to use non-italicized characters, which mhchem provides.

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    $\begingroup$ Is mhchem standard in a version of Mathjax for additional requiring explicit dev support for all versions ? $\endgroup$ Oct 10, 2022 at 14:46

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Supplemental answer only:

See my question in Space SE meta Should we start using the normal MathJax chemistry notation for chemicals? e.g. \require{mhchem}\ce{H_2O} for H₂O

Each site decides if they want every single page to preload the chemistry stuff or not. For those that don't currently but still have MathJax (like Astronomy SE and Space SE for example), you simply have to prepend \require{mhchem} to your first instance of \ce{} to trigger loading of the chemistry stuff on the page.

I won't answer your question about turning on the chemistry stuff for the whole site automatically, I can imagine arguments both ways.


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