Below the Math SE meta question Imgur's "old, unused, and inactive content"

Imgur plans to change its Terms of Service on May 15, 2023. Part of this will be the removal of "old, unused, and inactive content".

Many of the images on Stack Exchange have imgur links. What will happen to those?

a comment says:

We have 1,970 generic imgur images subject to this (i.e. which don't don't use SE's corporate stack interface stack.imgur.com).

Astronomy SE has 26 posts with generic i.imgur.com links, many are excellent, well received answers.

Question: We've got at least 26 generic i.imgur.com image links that might break on May 15, 2023; should/could they be updated to i.stack.imgur.com? Is there a way to update or convert these without necessarily bumping all to the active queue (not that that would be a bad thing necessarily)

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Final Update (29-05-2023): Updated the links

Thank you for writing this. I was about the write the same thing yesterday until my computer started to act weird.

There are two ways we can proceed:

  1. Making a meta post and sharing the images there
  2. Fixing the posts manually

The former method is followed where the number of posts is too many (ELU meta followed this approach) while latter method can be followed where number of such posts is not that many (or) the traffic is way less (Anime & Manga meta followed this approach). Since the number of posts is not too many, we can proceed with approach #2 and if you noticed, I have already started this activity although I am doing it in batches to avoid spamming the homepage.

I have used this query which returned 39 posts. I invite everyone to help fix the remaining posts (active owner of the posts can make the changes -- there are two posts from @uhoh and 7 posts from our mod @HDE 226868). Please update the list here once it is done.

Posts fixed by me:

  1. Is this photocomposition of Andromeda's galaxy and the Moon accurate?
  2. How to deal with shifting CCD bias (zero exposure) levels?
  3. Why aren't concentrated solar power plants use for astronomical observations of some type?
  4. Why can't moon light (reflected sun light) turn the sky blue?
  5. Is it possible for planetary rings to be perpendicular (or near perpendicular) to the planet's orbit around the host star?
  6. Why does this twilight sky flat field have a grid of dark pixels?
  7. Ionization Fraction of Helium in alternate, He dominated early universe
  8. What do these coordinates mean: MW - VP101 3° 12' 43.2'' S 5° 12' 39.6'' W?
  9. "What was that spot in the sky?" - How to identify satellites
  10. Why did they decide to hit Dimorphos in the retrograde direction rather than prograde; was it a "coin-toss" or were there implications for observing?
  11. If light has no mass, why is it affected by gravity?
  12. What caused the “rake marks” in moon photos?
  13. Code for getting the pixel coordinates of an object with known RA DEC not working
  14. Exoplanet radius density relation according to NASA exoplanet archive
  15. Is there a significant temperature difference on the moon from apogee to perigee or vice-versa?
  16. On a log-log plot of surface gravity to planet mass, what is the meaning of the y-intercept?
  17. Does the earth spiral around the sun's movement/motion path? (non available Imgur images were removed)

Below posts couldn't be fixed due to Image/GIF too large

  1. Does the relative motion between planets other than Venus and Earth form shapes such as the Flower of Venus?
  2. What is this cluster of light trails captured on long exposure images?

Below posts wasn't fixed due to discrepancy in the images (Imgur hyperlinks didn't coincided with the stack images) or it is embedded text hyperlinks:

  1. Problem with Dobsonian reflector telescope
  2. Why don't we have 2 Summers and 2 Winters?
  3. Exactly how elliptical is Mercury's orbit, visually, without exaggeration?
  4. How does gravity affect a physical clock?
  5. 2017 Eclipse intersection with I-95
  6. How much of carbon, sodium, silicon, and magnesium does the Sun have?
  7. Rendering asteroid orientation as seen from Earth

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