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Should we revive the Topic of the Week?

Three years ago, Astronomy Stack Exchange had a Topic of the Week, which loosely followed a format Jon Ericson later codified for all of Stack Exchange. I like the idea; I proposed it on Worldbuilding ...
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Balance between professional and enthusiast questions

Something that just occurred to me and probably needs to be discussed - the balance needed between professional and enthusiast questions. There hasn't really been any problems here thus far, but this ...
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1 answer

Can we have a guideline about astrology for the on-topic section in the help center?

As it stands now, the Help Center for on-topic questions does not mention anything about questions about astrology, which is off-topic such as this recent question (which might get deleted soon by the ...
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How to attract real-world radio telescopists to radio astronomy observational techniques questions?

Here are ten questions about observational radio astronomy that are either unanswered (eight) or have no accepted answer (two). These are selected from my own questions only so far, there may be ...
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