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Question closed under the arbitrary pretext because of its content that undermines common knowledge

Expanding Confusion: Time integral of the reciprocal of the scale factor from Hubble parameter equation I know, I'll only get more downvotes for this statement out of sheer defiance, but I don't care ...
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The new and increasingly popular "close for insufficient research" close reason, are we headed in the wrong direction here? Is there a way to reduce?

Comment under Why is the moon tidally locked with the earth? with +4 votes I’m voting to close this question because there's no evidence that OP has done any research. Comment under Plane of Moon&#...
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Is insta-closing of potential duplicates always the best way? In low Q-rate sites? Is there something to be said for slow-closing or eventual closing?

Constellation search from April 22 2007 received three good answers before it was correctly closed as duplicate to our canonical Where can I find the positions of the planets, stars, moons, artificial ...
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Did this question get closed too quickly? Doesn't it actually have a good answer that's now impossible to post?

Why aren't Russell Alan Hulse and Joseph Hooton Taylor credited as the discoverers of gravitational waves in 1974? was first written a bit enthusiastically and I made some small edits summarized ...
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Cavalier insta-closing of a new user's first question without even giving them a chance to respond?

A new user, just joined today, asked their first question. When this happens I think of "be welcoming" before I think of "what can I close today?" After only a few hours close as ...
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Why was my comment deleted, and this this replacement comment okay?

I'd left a "lead by example" comment addressed to the user who wrote an extended comment about why they'd chosen to immediately close What would happen if a Sun-like star were to consume a Jupiter-...
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Should out of date/obsolete questions be closed

This question about a sky object from 2013 is of not much value anymore, even if we assume an event that repeats yearly. (It's not a good question either: no location, no picture or sketch) Do we ...
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Why are no other Stack Exchange sites listed when voting to close a Q as off-topic?

When endeavouring to recommend the closure of a question relating to a python programming problem, the only other site available for selection as more appropriate was this meta site. Is there no way ...
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Should a link to earthscience.SE be added to the custom off-topic close reason?

One of the custom off-topic close reasons on this site currently reads as follows: Questions about Earth science, unless directly related to phenomena observable on other celestials, Solar system ...
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Custom Off Topic close reasons

It would be useful if we could have some custom off topic close reasons. One of the most useful ones would be: Close as Product Recommendation Any others?
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