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Canonical question for “What is this light in the sky?”

Do we have a good question that we can point to (as a duplicate) for the I saw this light in the sky questions, that don't have enough information?. I could not find a good one. I'm thinking about a ...
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What does astronomy meta thinks of community wiki?

I can't find that discussion back, but at least stack overflow (the granddady of stack exchanges), I seem to recall community wikis were not an encouraged practice. Is the astronomy SE against, ...
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How to easily find & link to that amazingly helpful "How to find the positions of the planets and stars?" question with the big Community Wiki answer?

There's a question that goes something like: How to find the positions of the planets and stars? but that's not it exactly. One of the very early members of Astronomy SE started a Community Wiki ...
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Community Wiki Anwers badge

I think offering (a) badge(s) for users who choose to make their answer a Community Wiki answer would be a nice way of encouraging/rewarding those who dare to do so, even when neglecting a few/many ...
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