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Are "vague" edit comments acceptable?

Often, I edit questions, and put a simple comment into the edit box, like "minor edit" or "major changes" and what not. Is this too vague and needs to be more specific, or is it ...
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"MathJax help" link is broken

When the user is asking or editing a question, a "MathJax help" link is present on the right-hand side of the screen. The link is to Currently, this only leads to ...
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10 votes
0 answers

Regarding moderating the new Code of Conduct

To hopefully alleviate concerns regarding the new Code of Conduct, I want to explain how I intend to moderate regarding pronoun use. When speaking generically, posts should use gender neutral ...
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Rolling back question edits that have changed the question

Twice in the last 24 hours I have rolled back edits that the OP has made to their own question, because the nature of the question was completely changed or substantial supplementary questions were ...
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