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Site customization ideas?

Just today, we graduated from beta! :D @ConnorGarcia notes in his post: Site customization, such as custom background and badge design isn't immediately planned but may be available in the future. I'...
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Graduation of the Astronomy Stack Exchange

The Astronomy Stack Exchange site is scheduled to graduate from Beta to a full site today, December 16th. The moderator team would like to congratulate our entire user base for the contributions that ...
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Threshold for site graduation?

We've been in beta for almost 8 years. A look at Astronomy's vitals on Area 51 shows this: Our beloved Astronomy SE can't graduate until these issues have been resolved: We only have 5.3 questions ...
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A potential sign that Astronomy is about to graduate?

We've got a bunch of questions over the years about "Are we graduating soon?" and "When is the next moderator election?", etc. Just recently, I noticed that the sidebar for ...
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