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We've got at least 26 generic image links that might break on May 15, 2023; should/could they be updated to

Below the Math SE meta question Imgur's "old, unused, and inactive content" Imgur plans to change its Terms of Service on May 15, 2023. Part of this will be the removal of "old, unused,...
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Do we want to change the link about MathJax help?

Astronomy Stack Exchange has MathJax enabled, allowing us to use LaTeX to write equations. Like other SE sites with MathJax, we have a section in the editing help page on how to use LaTeX. This ...
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Etiquette for user-created external resource links in posts

I've just discovered that one of our old users (barrycarter, now "user21"), who is no longer with us, used a personal, unlicensed github repository in 31 of his posts: https://data....
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"MathJax help" link is broken

When the user is asking or editing a question, a "MathJax help" link is present on the right-hand side of the screen. The link is to Currently, this only leads to ...
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