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Can we have a guideline about astrology for the on-topic section in the help center?

As it stands now, the Help Center for on-topic questions does not mention anything about questions about astrology, which is off-topic such as this recent question (which might get deleted soon by the ...
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I can't find this site's "homework policy" or find out how "suspected homework question askers" should be treated

Similar to what I described in another meta post I've just seen a first time user become a "suspect" and discussed in the third person like they'd broken some rule, rather than have someone ...
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5 votes
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Link in user profile wants to install PUPs (potentially unwanted programs)

WARNING: Follow the links mentioned here with care. The profile description for new user Solenodon Paradoxus, has a link to his/her blog at solenodus dot com which redirects to, ...
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Is the topic scope too confusing for new users?

Recently, a new user, who I would consider to be a reasonable individual who actually took the time to try to learn the system, complained that the topic scope of the site is too confusing for new ...
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