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How do we determine what geoscience questions are in scope?

We have basically three classes of geoscience questions here: Specific Geoscience Questions Day and night temperature on an earthlike planet with longer rotational period (Note: Says "earth-like&...
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How much is astrophysics, cosmology, and theoretical astrophysics on topic?

There have been some concerns raised about cosmology and theoretical astrophysics, as well as astrophysics in general. The concern is that this community does not support astrophysics questions, ...
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Should we add non-physical and/or astrology questions to the off-topic list?

In the last couple of days we had some weird question: (this and this) and a question about astrology. My gut feeling is that as the number of people using ...
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External resource questions on Astronomy

This question has been flagged as possibly being off topic with the reason "Request for an external resource - normally considered off topic on other sites." In the case of this specific question, I ...
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Thought experiment questions that aren't completely scientific?

Should one ask questions regarding some thought experiments on the Astronomy Stack Exchange? (Assuming that these thought experiments are somewhat related to astronomy/astrophysics but aren't ...
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What's on topic on this site?

Now that you've got moderators, you can edit the on-topic page in your help center! Cheers! Now what do you put there? Post your points in the answers below, and vote for them.
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Is the [ufo] tag on-topic for this site?

Is the [ufo] tag actually on-topic for this site? The help page discourages questions about satellites and notes we are not a UFO-reporting site. Most of the questions tagged with this are of the "...
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