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Should we link to the PDF or to the abstract or source page for scholarly references? Does it matter which?

We strongly discourage link-only answers for several reasons, one of which is that if/when the link breaks or rots the answer becomes useless and future readers are left with a non-answer. In this ...
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Introduction to astronomy

I'm really interested in astronomy since I began watching the night sky with my binoculars and found the view above me so beautiful. For some reason, I didn't notice that we had such a thing above us, ...
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Off-site Astronomy community promotion ads

Should we make some to help get some more traffic here from other stacks? Does anyone have design ideas? For clarity, I am asking if we should make an ad for Astronomy.SE to put on other stacks. ...
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Reference material

This community wiki is a one-stop shop for astronomy-related textual resources. Feel free to make recommendations of resources that you find particularly useful in the study of astronomy. Original ...