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Is there a useful distinction between the DIY and the telescope-making tags? Should they be somehow merged?

telescope-making has 16 questions starting from 2015 diy has 3 4 questions starting from 2014. I just added one that mentions a Raspbery Pi project. Neither tag has any usage guidance! A quick check ...
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Is it a good idea to create a much-needed tag and retag (almost) every post related to it to include this tag?

Recently, I created the tag hr-diagram as there are many questions regarding it. I went ahead and edited a few questions to include this new tag. Would it be a good idea to retag all the 82 (and ...
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What exactly are the tags [ebinary-star] and [tbinary-star]?

This question was recently edited to include a tag called tbinary-star, while the original binary-star was removed. Another question had its binary-star replaced by a tag called ebinary-star. What ...
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Spectroscopy Spectrometry Spectra and Spectrum tags; is there room for some consolidation?

Here are four related tags and their current question count: spectroscopy (100) (101) spectra (60) spectrum (13) spectrometry (10) Here are three related questions about them: As terms and as ...
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