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How to draw a line between Astrophysics and Physics, if there is any posibility?

There is not really much to say. Ideas?
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Concerns about this site

(Apologies in advance if I seem to wander in this post. I'm having a multitude of thoughts and I'm not quite sure how t organize them) Ever since I've joined, I've been a bit uneasy about this site. ...
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How much is astrophysics, cosmology, and theoretical astrophysics on topic?

There have been some concerns raised about cosmology and theoretical astrophysics, as well as astrophysics in general. The concern is that this community does not support astrophysics questions, ...
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How do we determine what geoscience questions are in scope?

We have basically three classes of geoscience questions here: Specific Geoscience Questions Day and night temperature on an earthlike planet with longer rotational period (Note: Says "earth-like&...
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Would questions about stargazing be on topic?

I'm not an astronomer, but I do have a daughter who is fascinated with the planets and stars. I'd love to get her a telescope and start stargazing with her, but I don't know where to begin. Would ...
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Should we delete this closed, cross-posted Spaceflight question and get rid of the Kerbal Space Program tag at the same time?

Multiple aerobraking from 2016 was closed as off-topic but the OP reposted the same question in Space SE before it could be migrated. It was very well received there and has several good answers, ...
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