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Congratulations to @ProfRob for reaching 100k reputation!

Congratulations!!! I'm quite late to the party after a break from SE, and I've seen that @ProfRob has hit 100,000 reputation, a new milestone for our site!
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Let's congratulate Connor Garcia on becoming our next moderator!

Congratulations!!! Today, @ConnorGarcia was appointed as our next moderator!1 So I just want to give a huge shoutout to him for having courage to self-nominate and take on a task that requires much ...
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17 votes
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Congratulations Astronomy Stack Exchange for 10k questions!

I just checked the question count, and discovered that we hit 10k overnight (well actually a few hours after 0:00 UTC) :D So I just want to say congratulations to everyone here, the moderators, all ...
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