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Found a Tag Bug

A questioner must have added that tag as a typo. Note that there isn't any restriction to stick to existing tags. The fix is just to edit the question to not use that tag (as I just did). A tag that ...
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Add `mchem` to MathJax Extensions?

Supplemental answer only: See my question in Space SE meta Should we start using the normal MathJax chemistry notation for chemicals? e.g. \require{mhchem}\ce{H_2O} for H₂O Each site decides if they ...
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Strange problem creating sunspots tag & should we have a sunspots tag?

I've recreated the tag but if you want to keep it around for more than six months, find another question to add it to or give it a tag wiki. Or, if you decide that you don't want it, just remove it ...
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"MathJax help" link is broken

As I noted over yonder, this has been fixed now. Thanks for the report, and please join me in thanking rene for digging up the archived page!
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Can't open any question when logged out

It just started working again… 🤔
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Links to old questions are redirected to unrelated new questions

The answer there is from 2012, which is before the launch of the current Astronomy SE. There was an early attempt of an Astronomy SE that flopped, and I assume those were links to that site. I don't ...
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Red dot stays on review queue after queue is empty

I believe the red dot is based on the total number of reviewable items in the queue, while the review pages show the number that are reviewable by you. The review icon (dot or not) appears on every ...
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