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Views are heavily cached, so it's not unusual to see a question stuck at 1 view for several minutes even after it's recieved a few votes. The vote your question received is from a fellow user and not in any way automatic. (But this is the most interesting conspiracy theory I've heard today. ;-)


I've recreated the tag but if you want to keep it around for more than six months, find another question to add it to or give it a tag wiki. Or, if you decide that you don't want it, just remove it from the question and it will go away in 24 hours. This hinges on a prohibition in tag creation coupled with a synonym where the master is deleted. Long ago we ...


Well, the question was asked more than a week ago, and had no answers. Migration doesn't change the date. I think this is expected behavior.


It just started working again… 🤔


As I noted over yonder, this has been fixed now. Thanks for the report, and please join me in thanking rene for digging up the archived page!


I believe the red dot is based on the total number of reviewable items in the queue, while the review pages show the number that are reviewable by you. The review icon (dot or not) appears on every pageload by every user with review privileges, so a simpler and cache-able database query speeds up the site. In your case, suggested edits need approvals from ...

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