Beta sites don't have regular elections like graduated sites. Basically, elections only occur on an as needed basis. I've requested to have an election to bring on another mod, and the CM team says it's slated at some point in the future (no specific dates yet).


Victor Stafusa requested that I answer the moderator questions even though I ran unopposed in the recent election. I think this is an excellent idea and could also serve as sort of a deeper introduction of myself to the community. I will start by answering FasterThanLight's questions and then answer my own! FTL’s questions Moderation takes time, and ...


Congratulations, Connor Garcia!!! I want to give a huge shoutout to @ConnorGarcia for having courage to self-nominate and take on a task that requires much time and effort.


These are some great and thoughtful questions. We don't require a questions for Pro Tempore elections because unlike elections on graduated sites, these elections do not have to be competitive. If we have more than one nominee we can certainly post questions and even start an election chat room at that time if it would be beneficial. We don't have any ...


Maybe these may help (some formulated by myself, others taken from other Q&A's): Moderation takes time, and dedication. How much time do you plan on setting aside for moderation, what are your expectations for moderating, what time zone do you live in? In your opinion, what do moderators do? A diamond will be attached to everything you say and have said ...


Well done @ConnorGarcia . Without voluntary moderators there would be no Astronomy Stack exchange.

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