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Do we want to change the link about MathJax help?

I prefer the link to the Mathematics Meta SE page. Firstly it is explicitly specific to Mathjax and does not rely or seem to relate to Latex. Mathjax and LaTex are similar but should not be ...
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We've got at least 26 generic i.imgur.com image links that might break on May 15, 2023; should/could they be updated to i.stack.imgur.com?

Final Update (29-05-2023): Updated the links Thank you for writing this. I was about the write the same thing yesterday until my computer started to act weird. There are two ways we can proceed: ...
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"MathJax help" link is broken

As I noted over yonder, this has been fixed now. Thanks for the report, and please join me in thanking rene for digging up the archived page!
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