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Activities across the sciences and humanities, with need to code on occasions. Moderately experienced Mac GUI user. Basic skill levels with OSX Terminal, Bash, Anaconda package, Glueviz, Dot, and Graphviz.

Involved with citizen research projects. Exploring data, statistical analysis, data visualization at the basic level. Beta tester for a few Mac GUI software developers.

One little known OSX gem.

Mathpad IconMathpad. There are two apps by this name. I value the lesser known one by Mark Widholm, University of New Hampshire. (

It is a text based calculator. One can create functions, make calculations, add notes, load data, graph functions and data, then copy and paste the outcomes into a simple word or text doc.

Takes a bit to get to know, but an excellent tool once your familiar with it.

Mathpad example as text calculator

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