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Deko Revinio
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A disgraced member of the Space Exploration community. Frequently insulted. I do not care. My Apology

enter image description hereI am not the same person as Deko Quinn Revinio. He isn't an SE user, but to avoid confusion I just say it anyway. Currently an Orange belt in kajukenbo.

Were you looking for someone? Well, you found me. I've changed my bio so many times I don't even remember what my original one was. Anyway, let's get down to business. I assume you clicked my profile because you wondered who I am. Basically, I'm an adventurous type of guy who just happens to be a technological whizz. Part time jacket connoisseur, full time animal lover and game console collector. As for the trash that call me nonsense, the only nonsensical thing is insulting others. No matter what they did.

DISCLAIMER: I am currently following a personal policy of automatically upvoting any question or answer that has been downvoted if the downvoter fails to provide a proper or sufficient explanation for why they downvoted. So, If you want your feedback to count, please provide explanations for your downvote or I will upvote the post to get rid of it. And don't even think about having someone else downvote the question, because you can get suspended for doing that (voting irregularities).

Aside from all that, I also like reading, some of my favorites are:

  • The Graveyard Book
  • Survivors (Erin Hunter)
  • The Guiness World Records
  • Multiverse Mischief
  • Peak
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